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New Planet Eclipse GTEK160R's are coming in to the shop!!!

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We will be the first to get the new Planet Eclipse G160R's into Australia.  They are a mid-high level gun designed to compete with even the high end Dye M2's, the Eclipse LV1's, Eclipse GEO 3.5, and even the CS1!   The GTEK was released in late 2015 and Pro players from teams like Dynasty are using them when the paint is real brittle.   The GTEK has an inherently soft bolt system that is claimed to be the softest on paint ever made!   

The new GTEK160R improves on the GTEK by using all metal components, so therefore improving strength of the gun.  Not to say that the GTEK is weak, its just a bit nicer to have the all metal components.   The main upgrade in the metal parts would be the removal of macro-line and including the AT air transfer pipe!   This removes any leak possibility and improves the ergonomics of the gun.   

Another awesome improvement is the addition of the LCD screen to the back of the gun.  While is provides no performance improvements on the GTEK, it does add that level of professionalism and refinement.  The LCD also tells you eye status and battery level which is a huge plus.   It also makes it WAY easier to program the gun!

The GTEK160R also gets a touchup on the milling!   It definitely looks nicer with a more aggressive look to it!

The bolt system on the GTEK160R is a quick release system that is found on the CS1, and is the easiest way to get access to your barrel if you break paint(which is unlikely with the GTEK).   

The awesome price of $1199 gets you a high end gun with the reliability of the best gun on the market: The CS1.   The main competitor for the GTEK160R would be the SP Shocker RSX.  While both guns are awesome, the Shocker is definitely lighter and has a complete internal gas line.  These two items make the SP RSX a worthy competitor to the GTEK160R, however the GTEK has a few major advantages.  1: Softness on Brittle Paint, and 2: Eclipse Reliability.

Either choice you make is going to be a good one, as guns these days are all awesome.  Shooting 10.5 BPS does not strain the guns at all, and allows manufacturers to focus features other than speed. 

Check out the official video by Eclipse:


Adam Connolly

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