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Shocker CVO Now In Stock!!!!


The fastest Mechanical Marker on the Market!   Check out the raw beauty!

The Shocker CVO (Cam Valve Operation) is a high end mechanical paintball marker featuring a roller-actuated pilot valve and precision trigger. Unlike traditional mechanical markers that have a heavy and long trigger pull, the Shocker CVO feels just like its electronic counterpart, the XLS. The trigger pull, specifically on the CVO, is so short and light that you can’t tell it’s mechanical other than it being a single trigger! With unlimited adjustment points, the new Shocker CVO can be fine-tuned to any paintball player’s preference. Roller bearings provide a smooth action and keep the trigger from having any sort of slop.

The Shocker CVO paintball marker functions through the use of a roller-actuated pilot valve that replaces the battery, microprocessor, power circuits, and solenoid valve. No need for a battery! This revolutionary design allows the Shocker CVO to keep most of the same features found on the XLS while still providing top notch performance in a mechanical gun.

At the front of the marker is a Freak XL barrel in autococker threading. Additional inserts are sold separately, but SP gives the user the option of purchasing different barrel inserts to provide the most accurate shot without entirely changing their barrel setup.

The Shocker CVO’s spool valve design feels great and is highly efficient. The only moving part is the skeleton bolt, the same one that can also be found in the XLS. With virtually no moving parts, the CVO is able to shoot with almost no recoil at all!

Now in Stock at!

New Crypto Currency Payment Options!

We are now accepting the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin as payment methods for your orders.   Simply select the payment method at the end of the checkout procedure and pay with your crypto!   We will ship your order once the coins have hit our wallet.   Note: Some Coins take much longer to pay.....    Bitcoin address is:  [...]

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New Planet Eclipse GTEK160R's are coming in to the shop!!!

We will be the first to get the new Planet Eclipse G160R's into Australia.  They are a mid-high level gun designed to compete with even the high end Dye M2's, the Eclipse LV1's, Eclipse GEO 3.5, and even the CS1!   The GTEK was released in late 2015 and Pro players from teams like Dynasty are using them [...]

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Getting Started with Action Paintball Games

Playing paintball for the first time?Are you looking to prepare for your first few action paintball games? What are some of the things that you’ll need? These are all perfectly good questions and something that is well worth considering before you take to the field. Let’s get right to it!What are some of the things that [...]

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Important things to Consider when Buying from Paintball Shops in Australia

Looking to buy your own equipment for Australian paintball?Have you been playing paintball for awhile and looking to pick up your own equipment from any of the number of paintball shops in Australia? It’s a big step and one that you’re probably keen on taking if you’re truly serious about taking up paintball as a [...]

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Must-have Paintball Gear for Beginners

Your options in paintball gear for saleAre you in the market for some paintball gear but haven’t got a clue about where to start? You literally have a ton of options when it comes to paintball gear for sale in the market; getting started with the essential ones can be a challenge especially when you’ve got [...]

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The New Dye M2 Colours Have Been Released!

The New Dye Paintball M2 Marker colours have been released, and they look amazing.  The Ironmen edition features the carbon fibre boomstick back!   If you are interested in picking up one of these Limited Edition Paintball Guns, please email us at to order today.  We will beat any advertised price!M2 - IRONMEN EDITION [...]

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The Advantages of Sniper Paintball Guns

Are you looking for sniper paintball guns for sale?Sniper paintball gunsare a good choice for players looking for something that they can use to accurately shoot opposing players from a considerable distance. These guns are highly recommended for paintball matches played over a wide area which is often the case for scenario and tactical paintball.A [...]

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Cheap Paintball Guns for Beginners

Are you in the market for affordable paintball guns for sale?Cheap paintball guns are available in the market and are highly recommended for people looking to get into the sport. These paintball guns come in various types from the basic blow-back versions to semi and fully automatic versions. Paintball gun prices tend to vary greatly [...]

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