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Cheap Paintball Guns for Beginners

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Are you in the market for affordable paintball guns for sale?

Cheap paintball guns are available in the market and are highly recommended for people looking to get into the sport. These paintball guns come in various types from the basic blow-back versions to semi and fully automatic versions. Paintball gun prices tend to vary greatly depending on the type of gun that you’re buying. Prices range from $169 to as much as $4000. You’ll often have no problem finding paintball guns for beginners that are practical, reliable and easy to use while demanding very little in the way of maintenance.

Buying cheap paintball guns

Of course there are a couple of important factors that you’ll need to consider when delving into your options in cheap paintball guns for sale - performance, build quality, air supply, ease of maintenance, etc.

The pressure system in use is ultimately the biggest factor that determines the price of a paintball gun. Affordable models usually employ a type of CO2 pressure system and paintball gun upgrades are usually limited to custom hoppers, gas systems and custom barrels.

Basic models of paintball guns are moderately priced yet provide great accuracy, range and rate of fire; perfect for most beginners. Granted these paintball guns does have its disadvantages; a carbon dioxide pressure system is prone to pressure fluctuations that limits its performance and are mostly made out of cheap materials such as polymer. More importantly, the lack of upgrade options make cheap paintball guns unsuitable for competitive or professional use. In any case, these paintball guns present a convenient and inexpensive option for anyone interested in getting started with the sport without the fuss associated with complicated and more expensive paintball guns.

For added convenience, you might consider buying paintball guns that come as a package complete with everything that you need to get started - several air tanks, a paintball mask and a hopper. Buying a set will often cost you a lot less as opposed to buying the items you need separately and also saves you a great deal of time in the process. For best results, opt for paintball guns from respectable brands such as Valken, Tippmann, Proto and Azodin. These brands offer good warranty and will surely bring you the best value for your money.

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